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Mar 2024

  • Some of us attended the ACS Spring Annual Meeting 2024 in New Orleans. Veo, Nhu, Anji, and Sahaj presented their posters.

  • Our review article is published in Biotechnology Advances. It tells the story of what we have been pursuing for the last couple of years.

Dec 2023

  • Our FACS machine has arrived right before Christmas! This is supported by an NIH instrument grant (R35GM142421-03S1). We are grateful to NIH/NIGMS!

Sept 2023

  • Jasmine joins us as our new Ph.D. student!

May 2023

  • Nhu has graduated with her M.S. degree. We are excited that she will continue to work with us as a lab technician.

  • Sahaj and Mary Carolin join us as M.S. student researchers this summer!

Apr 2023

  • Our lab has been awarded an NIH STTR grant by the National Cancer Institute (R41CA275454)! This is a collaboration with the University of Houston and Sanarentero LLC.

Mar 2023

  • Dr. Chan presents our work at DiscoverBMB conference at Seattle. He has got a travel award too!

Feb 2023

  • Dr. Rahul Kumar joins us as a postdoc. Vincent Paris joins us as a lab technician. Let's welcome them!

Oct 2022

  • Let's welcome Nhu as our newest member. She is a Master's student and she is exploring some new metabolic engineering ideas with us.

Jun 2022

  • Alison has graduated with her M.S. degree and Adam with his B.S. degree. We are very glad that they have got their dream job too!

  • Two new members join our group: Ala Hessami as a PhD student and Anjita Budhathoki as an undergraduate researcher. Let's welcome them.

Mar 2022

  • Our first postdoc, Dr. Urooj Fatima, has joined and started working with us.

  • Dr. Chan presents a research talk at American Chemical Society Annual Meeting at San Diego, CA (PAPER ID: 3642733).

Jan 2022

  • Let us welcome our new lab member Vincenzo Kennedy. Veo is a PhD student.

Sept 2021

  • We are getting a NIH Maximizing Investigators' Research Award (R35142421). This award provides us more resources to freely explore new ideas!

  • Our newest paper is published at Nature Communications. Our former student, Rey Dimas, is one of the co-first authors. See our Publication Story!

  • Adam Chiragh Lakhani is joining our group as an undergraduate researcher.

Aug 2021

July 2021

  • Katherine Beigel is joining our group as a lab tech. Welcome Kat!


Jun 2021

  • Sunny has graduated with a B.S. in biomedical engineering and accepted an industrial position. We will miss her.

Feb 2021

  • Sunny Jung Yeon Lee starts working with us as an undergraduate research!

Jan 2021

  • After gaining some experience as a lab tech, Adam is leaving our group to join UT Dallas as a graduate student. We are very glad to see him continuing his research career! 

Dec 2020

  • We are awarded a research grant by National Institutes of Health (1R15GM135813-01)! This is our first NIH grant and our first grant at UNT.

  • Our NIH grant-related research is introduced in UNT News Releases.

Sept 2020

  • Our lab is moved to University of North Texas, Department of Biomedical Engineering. A new phase of our group starts!

Jun 2020

  • Clement gives a seminar talk and host a spotlight session at the ASBMB Annual Meeting. Due to COVID-19, the meeting is held in a webinar format.


Mar 2020

  • Due to the COVID-19 situation, UT Tyler announced that all research activities are stopped temporarily. We miss working in our lab!

Feb 2020

  • With the support from our NSF award, UT Tyler will join the iGEM competition for the first time and Clement will serve as the PI for the iGEM team. Several students from our group will also join the iGEM team, including Prabhat, Connor, and Kyren.

  • Prabhat present his poster at the Annual Meeting of Texas Academy of Science.

Nov 2019

  • Adam Davis has joined us as a lab tech. He is our first full-time lab tech!

Sept 2019

  • Derrick Wong has joined our group. He is a senior undergrad.

  • Connor Crowe and Kyren Miller have also joined our group. Both of them are UT Tyler Presidential Fellows.

Aug 2019

  • Our 2nd paper in 2019 is published in Nucleic Acids Research. We demonstrated that our module-swapping strategy can be applied to more than one protein family. This is a collaboration among four research groups in UT Tyler (Glavy, Patterson, and our group) and UT Dallas (Morcos group). Great job, everyone!

July 2019

May 2019

  • National Science Foundation has awarded us a research grant (Award # 1914538)! The grant title is "RUI: Developing modular repressors as in vivo biosensors in various organisms". We will use these resources to create new knowledge, generate biotechnology advancements, and nourish the next-generation scientists.

Apr 2019

  • Our first paper is published in Nucleic Acids Research! This is a story that starts at protein design and computational predictive modeling and finishes with the creation of organisms with new behavior. Rey and Xianli (a graduate student at UT Dallas) are co-first authors of this article. Great job, both of you!

  • Prabhat has presented a poster at the UT Tyler Lyceum.

Mar 2019

Nov 2018

  • Prabhat Kattel and Madeline Cano have joined our group!

Sept 2018

  • Catherine Martini has joined our group as a graduate student. Our first graduate student!

Aug 2018

  • Clement has presented a research talk at the American Chemical Society Annual Meeting at Boston, MA (TOXI 31).

Jun 2018

  • Bianca will transfer to UT Austin to continue her undergrad degree in Mechanical Engineering. Bianca, we will miss you.

May 2018

  • Clement is selected for a Teaching and Learning Award by the UT Tyler Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

  • Both Ben and Rey have graduated with a Biology B.S. degree. Ben will work as a lab technician at the Glavy Lab at the UT Tyler College of Pharmacy. Rey will continue to work with us. Congratulations to both of you!

Apr 2018

  • Ben has presented his poster at the UT Tyler Lyceum. And he has got an award AGAIN!

Mar 2018

  • Ben has presented at the Texas Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting and won a Best Poster Award. Congratulations Ben!

Jan 2018

  • Clement has presented a research talk at the University of North Texas, Department of Biological Sciences.

  • Bianca Chu has joined our group. The first undergraduate freshman!

Oct 2017

  • Clement has given a research seminar talk at the University of Texas at Dallas, Department of Biological Sciences.

Sept 2017

  • Rey Dimas is the 2nd student researcher in our group. We are growing!

Aug 2017

  • Ben Jordan has joined our group. Let's welcome Ben

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