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Clement T. Y. Chan

Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology



   Clement Chan participated in academic research since he was an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After accomplished his B.S. degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry, he joined a Ph.D. program in Biological Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and conducted his thesis research in the laboratory of Peter C. Dedon, M.D., Ph.D. at the Department of Biological Engineering. As a graduate student, Dr. Chan used a quantitative systems approach to study biological roles of tRNA modifications in cellular response to different types of stress. With Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model organism, he developed a mass spectrometric platform to quantify tRNA modifications, which led to the discovery of specific changes in the quantitative pattern of tRNA modification spectrum in response to different types of stress.
   During his postdoctoral training in the laboratory of James J. Collins, Ph.D. at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Chan continued to conduct systems biology research while using transcriptomics and proteomics analyses to understand the bacterial response to antibiotics. Additionally, he also developed his research in synthetic biology, including using protein engineering methods to construct a series of biosensors for the detection of different small molecules and harnessing these biosensors to build a programmable “Passcode” genetic circuit to control cellular behaviors in response to multiple environmental signals.
  In 2017, Dr. Chan was selected for a Rising STARs award by the University of Texas System, which supports him to establish his research program at the University of Texas at Tyler. He also received an NSF grant award during this period of time.

  In 2020, Dr. Chan started his current position at University of North Texas, Department of Biomedical Engineering.




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Lab Technician

Adam Davis


   After attending the University of North Texas, I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in chemistry. For about a year, I worked as a volunteer researcher in a plant biology lab before making my way here to Tyler.  I’m currently working as a lab technician for Dr. Chan to gain further experience with research, before moving on to graduate school and hopefully to get my PhD. My only permanent goal is to stay a forever-student, and never stop learning and expanding my understanding of biology. Outside of research, I spend my time reading, writing, drawing comics, and playing with my cat, BoNo. 

Undergraduate Researcher


Ben Jordan (2017-2018)

Next Position: Lab technician at Dr. Joseph Glavy's lab at UT Tyler College of Pharmacy

Bianca Chu (2017-2018)

Next Position: Transfer to UT Austin to attend an undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering

Rey Dimas (2017-2020)

Next Position: Medical trainee at UT Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine

Derrick Wong (2019-2020)

Next Position: Join a D.D.S. program at UT Health San Antonio, School of Dentistry

Catherine Martini (2018-2020)

Next Position: Lecturer at University of Texas at Tyler, Department of Biology

Prabhat Kattel (2018-2020)

Next Position: Continue his undergraduate program at UT Tyler after we moved to UNT

Connor Crowe (2019-2020)

Next Position: Continue his undergraduate program at UT Tyler after we moved to UNT

Kyren Miller (2019-2020)

Next Position: Continue his undergraduate program at UT Tyler after we moved to UNT

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