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Welcome to the Chan Lab Website

We are interested in using protein and cellular engineering and quantitative systems-level analyses to study biological behaviors and functions. We create biomolecular components and devices to control cellular activities in response to changes in environmental conditions. We then apply these engineered biological tools for biomedical, environmental, and industrial applications.


Publication profiles of Clement T. Y. Chan in Google Scholar and ORCID.

Relevant links:

UNT Biomedical Engineering

UNT BioDiscovery Institute

We are Recruiting PhD Students and PostDocs

We are looking for multiple PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to join our group. For students, tuitions and stipends will be fully covered. Students and postdocs are expected to perform research projects involving protein design, genetic circuit development, and quantitative analysis. Techniques in our lab include genome editing, bioinformatics analysis, flow cytometry, mass spectrometry, and various molecular biology techniques.


Please contact Dr. Clement Chan (Tszyanclement.Chan@UNT.EDU) for further information.

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